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$Rex Intl(5WH) deal completed. Cash usd43m come in.. special dividend?

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Stocks Watch
Crude Oil $57.40 O&G counters will be in focus

$Rex Intl(5WH.SI) late day charge yesterday
$Alpha Energy(5TS.SI) Contra selling over? T6 today
$YZJ Shipbldg SGD(BS6.SI) result out
$Sembcorp Marine(S51.SI)
$JEP Hldgs(1J4.SI)
$Eagle HTrust USD(LIW.SI) 14% yield!!
$AsiaMedic(505.SI) volume pickup
$Yoma Strategic(Z59.SI)
Will update as day progress
Huat huat!!

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Stocks Watch
$Rex Intl(5WH.SI) Trade with care - market talk 20c target
$APAC Realty(CLN.SI)
$MarcoPolo Marine(5LY.SI) new counter to see
$P5 Capital(5AI.SI) forceselling over T6
$Sarine Tech(U77.SI)
$HongkongLand USD(H78.SI)

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$Rex Intl(5WH) power close!! Day high

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