Exhaustive analysis as usual. The fact is that we should conservatively a to withdraw 1-2% per year. Only this will be the safest approach . This means a corpus of 5 million for a family of 4 spending over 10000 per month


Reply to @kyith : Good one, family needs keep expanding and hence your working life keeps getting longer!

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check out, it is free for similar purpose. Sadly it does not further slice down the reit and EM sector


How do you get access to Timeline app Keith? It seems that you have to pay but it is an App generally for financial planners. If we want to use it for personal purpose then does it have an option? Thanks in advance!


Reply to @danmasters : apply for a trial! it lets you mess with it. i tried it but i realize whoa for 30 days.. for someone that knows withdrawal rates, flexible spending i can geek out a few permutations about my own financial independence.

so i try to make good use of it by writing this article for my future self, treat it as a diary entry to remember for the future.

this is a more selfish article for myself

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