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$AEM(AWX.SI) Worst case scenario. Assumptions as follows: confirmed order book of $209 million. PBT margin 15%. Tax rate 17%. 271 million shares. Target PER of 7x.

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$AEM(AWX.SI) Attended the AGM this afternoon. Just a few things that I remember. If others were there, and see anything important I missed, please add it in.

Next product for Intel is hybrid test handlers - probably for Intel's new 3D stacking technology. Probably by end of this year.
Intel cancelling 5G modem not expected to have a huge impact. Why? Because Intel is still committed to deliver 4G modem chips this year. As for next year, other new processor chips may take up the slack. One investor asked how processor chips can fill the gap left by 4G/5G modem chips, which are large volume. Management said that machine usage is factor of volume, as well as time needed for testing. Modem chips are tested in seconds, whereas processor chips that up to a few minutes.
Also mentioned that modem is non-core to Intel, as a large portion of the modem chips were being tested and package by OSAT (outsourced assembly and test) companies. Hence, these would get hit more by loss of business.
Huawei 5G cable testers expected to see fast growth this year, but because its from a low base, it won't move the needle on overall group revenue for a few more years.

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