$Raffles Medical(BSL.SI) Founded in 1976 and subsequently listed in the Singapore Exchange in April 1997, Raffles Medical Group has grown from just two clinics in Singapore to one where it has operations in other countries including China, Japan, Vietnam, and Cambodia - notably, the Group's Raffles Hospital Chongqing has commenced operations in January this year, with Raffles Hospital Shanghai due to commence operations after the Chinese New Year festivities next year.

Looking at its current share price of $1.07, its current valuations vs. its 5-year average suggests that it is currently trading at a premium - even though its current P/E Ratio is lower compared to its average (28.1 currently vs. 31.8 on average), its P/B Ratio is higher compared to its average (2.4 currently vs. 2.0 on average), and its Dividend Yield is slightly lower compared to its average (2.3% currently, calculated based on total dividend payout of 2.5 cents/share in 2018 vs. 2.4% on average).

However, valuations are not the only thing we should look at when making our investment decisions - in the article which I've written, I've taken a look at the Group's 5-year financial performance, plus its most recent 1Q 2019 results, along with looking at catalysts and risks which may impact the Group's financial performance moving forward...

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