On 21 June, all Bank shares are up.


Reply to @michaelong1 : Buy all of them--- definite yo have CD

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Good morning all the big and small Bosses here . . . normally I just want to show some beautiful pictures and don't like to kajau short-term traders from making some kopi duit . . . but since kopisoh has spotted many mid-term market tops on many blue-chips and index stocks I just want to caution traders to be more careful not to be trapped inside any of them as it will be very painful waiting for the rescue . . .


Reply to @ochartist : day trading does not mean sitting infront of computer till market close. You'll be surprise how short it can be. Anyway not so applicable to SG market.

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With that dreadful 1 long red bar on the strong weekly chart of OCBC. I'll wait for it to challenge the last low of last year at 10.36, if it fails to hold we shall see the 9.9 area there next. Gonna be painful next week

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