$Indofood Agri(5JS.SI)

Salim group will fooled all Singaporean shareholders to giving up your holdings.. if this shrewd business group could privatise successfully.. no only will they laught all the way to the bank.. they will be laugthing all the way to the moon, the star and the sun. Please please.. dont let that happen..

1. If you are a broker / Remisier- tell your clients not to accept, not to sell.. buy more if got 0.275, even better. They have very low risks buying more.
Think of your clients.. dont just earn that small comms and ripe off them.. dont persuade them to sell.

2. If you are Institutional shareholders - Contact Indoagri and bang table upside down, threaten to write a nasty emails to the press.

3. If you are retail shareholders - get our act together and ready to fight.. We demand honest, fair value proposition.

Look at the past 10 yr data from Bloomberg. Did you notice only market cap had gone down multifold from listing all the way to below $0.20. Look carefully at the 10yr trend - cash balance, prefered shares , debt balance first. You noticed cash balance is not in a very critically low level, in fact, it is very healthy. Most cash had been spent buying assets over the years.. Salim did that on purpose so that cash level looked low.. Indoagri assets is so huge.. I wont be surprise if it can match Wilmar.
Next, debt level.. no change...very constant, very healthy.
Prefered share actually came down over time.
Hence, the company is as healthy now as 10 yrs ago.. why we are all offer 0.28 per shares while it was valued over 1.00 to 3.00 10yrs ago?

Look at next level shareholder , only slight above 1%, balance 20% or more are retailers. Retailers have no muscle to push prices up. This is Salim group strategy to keep the demand so low, so illiquid, keep on pressing the price down so low for one simple reason. To privatise the company cheap... so cheap.

If you are a shareholder.. you need advise and cant find anyone.. talk to me! Dont be silly pls pls

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i do agree that retail investors r taken for a ride...
but thats how the game is setup
not a fair world
good luck


Reply to @ThumbTackInvestor : Yes hehe and they deserve it fully because they bought it willingly

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yep, offer price is too low. controlling group has been keeping profits low to take private cheap. since no hyflux deploy funds here to buy low. many foreign funds are out earlier


"Salim group will fooled all Singaporean shareholders to giving up your holdings.. if this shrewd business group could privatise successfully.. no only will they laught all the way to the bank.. they will be laugthing all the way to the moon, the star and the sun." Unquote 😡

If ever they can reach the sun, they will be charred beyond recognititon, into minute ashes!

Just my humble opinion.


Though I am not vested, quite piss off with these companies who take advantage of minority shareholders to press the price down.
SGX should compel delisting price should also always reference to current asset value


i think 56 cents and above then consider


Reply to @Indomee : oic! what is your avg price? lets see how mkt reacts

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So is this a fact or a bias opinion wink wink


Reply to @Indomee : It’s an opinion lol

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I think you go hong lim park better


next victim after challenger


Took a quick look at the financials , not surprised it is worth so little

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$Indofood Agri(5JS.SI) Privatisation way undervalue.. please ask all the holders not to accept the offer. Salim group will possibly be revising its offer , 0.28 is a test, do not believe any analyst who anyhow recommend.. I will show you prove that Indoagri is a much better managed company compared that to even Wilmar. Please see my attachment, we just need to see trend, do not bother about profitability, asset price or dividends for the time being.. because all those are easily manipulated..

Also, please bear this in mind.. please always seperate a company operation from its share price.. they do not go in line most of the time. Indoagri share price keep falling has nothing to do with it fundamental.. it is artificially kept low for this privatisation to happen.. you realised on last quarter Indoagri posted the first ever net loss ... then an offer privatisation came after that.. think why the group did that..

Here are the comparison:

Wilmar palm oil land bank ~230,000 hectares - mainly in indonesia

Indoagri land bank ~ 300,000 hectares - mainly in indonesia..

Think from this angle.. Indoagri is under reporting its assets value..

Now on financials, I oniy need to see 3 lines, pls refer to attachment, observe the trend from 2008 to 2018..

1. Cash
2. Debt.
3. Market cap

In the attachments, you will see Indoagri is a better manage company, more prudent and less agressive. Here is why:

From 2008 to 2018 (SGD)
Wilmar cash 2008 is 4.2Bil, in 2018, cash is 5Bil.
What is the increase? It is 1Bil increase.

Wilmar debt 2008 is 7.5Bi, in 2018, debt is 31Bil (Yes! It is true) so, what is the increase in debt? 24Bil! This is a 300% increase in debts level.. ofcause I do not want to go into profitability like I said..

Wilmar Market Cap is 17.8Bil back in 2008, today market cap is around 22Bil. This is very clear that Wilmar uses its growth in Revenue and profitability numbers to support its market cap. This is what market accepted..

So. Lets go back to Indoagri

From 2008 to 2018 (SGD)

Indoagri cash started off with 300Mil in 2008, by end of 2018, its cash is 210Mil. A tiny drop of 100Mil.

Indoagri debt in 2008 was 800Mil, 2009 was 1Bil, all the way to 2018, it was still 1Bil. There is no fundamental deterioration in its debt level.. company did not borrow excessively to expand its operation to provide better results yoy.. Indoagri main objective is to supply palm oil as raw materials for other sister companies business.. the company is so important in Indonesia economy.

So what we see as unfair is the drop in Market Cap in indoagri..

Indoagri started off at market cap 790Mil in 2008, and rose to 3.3bil in 2009, 0.50 per shares to 3.00 per share.
Today, we saw indoagri keep shrinking all the way to 390Mil, an offer price by Salim group.

Ask ourself, is there any fundamental change in the campany? The answer is no....there is no reason to sell the company cheap because commodity prices are seasonal..
Price will go cheap, price will go expensive.. company remain healthy.

I wont be surprise Indoagri will be delisted from sg and relist in Hong Kong with multifold PE later.. that time, you will see Indoagri report very very high profitability.. this I can assure you..

We must all think like a business man... we minority should not be taken for a ride.. pls pls

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