20.4 K

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) 25mins to register. Quite bad managing. enter 30mins late. already talking and the master lease expiry. sucks man. no place to sit

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Ceo of FR bought 20000 units 1 day before ex...

confidence? 😁


Reply to @cmlee1 : It is still an add on to portfolio. No one like to lose money. I will take that as positive approach. I bought 20k today also at 097

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I bought in 0.97 cause it was still a good dividend play. I wait for the xd for people to sell. Get the lowest price and Wait for it move back to $1.


Reply to @Sporeshare : Now UOL moving towards 7.8.
My broker ask me to hold until $8!!! Hope he is correct.

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The boat I want to board refused to come back. The boat I want to avoid keeps tempting me to board.
Should I cancel the queue for MLT and switch to first reit instead?


Reply to @clementboo : Yes, u can search his blog post in March.

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Bought abit at 0.965 after XD today. Hope I got in at the right price.


For those who are interested to buy have to becareful. Price action dun look good. A lot of BBs are selling despite constant dividend.


Reply to @Sporeshare : That make no sense, sell Low buy high? I always believe there is some manipulation there.

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FR slowly edging higher !


Reply to @Sporeshare : All the best to the both of us! Huat ah!!

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i am quite surprise the amount of price sensitive information given. This helps.


Reply to @WK888 : Let's say i am not surprise if the price surge this morning but it didn't...

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Nice! I wrote down my pointers for the AGM too: https://www.theancientbabylonians.com/summ...
Didn't know u guys attended as well, could have met up haha


Reply to @nareshg : well last till master lease expire or LK kapuk

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Reply to @layers : Can read what he heard during the first 30 min...
Thanks for the effort too...

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do let us know updates!

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Noob TA but looks like golden cross forming soon

$First Reit(AW9U.SI) hope huat ahhh!

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surprise! $First Reit(AW9U.SI) send me vouchers!

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