Good Very Hot Afternoon Big Boss Kyith sir and everyone...wave...

1. Sir you bet 4D before?
2. How do you come to the conclusion - you will win perhaps $2k to $10k?

Not a call to Buy 4D


Reply to @kc_30 : Good evening Big Boss kc_30 sir and everyone...wave...

Yes sir. Got buy got px hope...no buy no px hope sir. But sir, those buy dragon list, all bet $1ibet how to win $2k sir? Is Zero chance sir.

Not a call to buy 4D

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I think you should considering putting all these into a book.


Your blogs are always good read. But can be too Long at times.


Reply to @Incognito : its long but detailed. I guess I can understand this part because he probably thinks if he shortens it the essence of the message might be lost/incomplete. If you have time can read hahahaha

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