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Anyone vested in Tiong Seng and has any view? Came across a project they are undertaking.

$Tiong Seng(BFI.SI)

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I like dead fish counter . . . will ask Kopisoh to take a look . . .


out of so many contractors. there are some good ones actually. they also involved with JV to bulid properties and malls. One good example is Lum Chang. 5% stable yield and good cash low debt. another one is Hock lian seng also 4 to 5% yield. but bear in mind their capital gain can be very slow. Chip eng seng is another very good construction and property player all the while. i would strongly recommend it at a attractive price to invest.


Reply to @albertkwok : You just listed out the few that I also know is better one. But I still don’t invest in contractor now knowing it is very tough situation for them now.


sorry , look like a dead fish counter....this one


Tiong Seng (SGX: BFI)
-0.005 (-1.92%)


Why you like to invest in contractor? You can invest in developer cos they surely can make money, but why contractor? Why TS?

If you work in that industry, you probably won’t even think abt invest in TS.


I not vested but cobstruction industry is a tough industry

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CEO continues to believe that share price for Tiong Seng remains undervalued. CEO said that their book value is at $0.605 which is very undervalued compared to their current share price. An example given by the CEO is that most of their assets have been fully depreciated and are still serving them well. Furthermore their properties are valued at book cost and not market price which further adds on to the current book value.

$Tiong Seng(BFI.SI)

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11 years ago, Tiong Seng together with its partner, jointly won one of the largest construction contract for RWS.


Last week the government announced plans for an expansion of the two integrated resorts. For RWS, there will be two new attractions at Universal Studios Singapore - Minion Park and Super Nintendo World. Also in the pipeline is an attraction called Singapore Oceanarium - a rebranding of the S.E.A. aquarium after it is expanded by more than three times. RWS will also add a new waterfront lifestyle complex and two new destination hotels with up to 1,100 rooms. The entire waterfront promenade will be completely renewed to feature a nightly show and a multi-purpose event zone, said RWS, adding that there will be a new Adventure Dining Playhouse to replace Resorts World Theatre.

Tiong Seng should be able to secure contracts for this expansion given its experience and track record in the initial RWS development and the competitive advantage it has:


$Tiong Seng(BFI.SI)

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Target Price

Looking forward to the results and dividend announcements today and resuming their share buyback after today's result.

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An impending global recession requires measures to soften the blow on the Singaporean economy. Increasing spends on public infrastructure projects is one such way. This increased spending will lead to more job creation and also help boost the construction sector which is currently struggling, as noted in a FITCH Solutions report.

Another reason to build and maintain public infrastructure is to cater to the needs of an ageing population.

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