Both are good. I am vested in both. I don't have to choose !


Reply to @CoryLogics : Haha! For me because I want a diversified portfolio, I want to choose one between the two. :)


CMT has Funan in the pipeline to boost dpu


Reply to @fiftysevenbucks : Yeap... It's definitely something to also consider. But in my opinion, the current price of CMT is too high also - if I were to invest in it, I will also wait for the share price to come down before I consider.

Currently, just like FCT, the MACD is also on a downtrend after hitting a new 52-week high of $2.46 in end-February. So let's see...


Somehow I am leaning towards CMT due to the portfolio's malls. I suspect that CMT might be looking for buyers for JCube.


Reply to @luxcan : Ya I read that from somewhere before - they are looking to sell JCube...

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