most reits should crash soon.. all time high for a while already.. truce is over.. trade war actual impact out in qtrly reports .. no constructive deals made to improve trade.. 10 yr cycle long overdue.. best to clear position esp reits for time being. imho.. thrust


Reply to @VoucherHunter : kinda.. best was to hoot at last qtr 2018 .. rates highest

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Just hold the good quality REIT long term once bought at good low price below it's NAV. The initial dollars one puts in will compound at a good rate of return on investment if the REIT is really a good quality REIT. If one hopes to take advantage of any market prices, then continue to buy the same REIT whenever it trades at a low based on periods of negative market sentiments (such as interest rate rise affecting all REITs) and subscribe to all of its rights issues at good discount along the way. Good quality REITs seldom trade too low to allow the investor to capture a good margin of difference between the higher price he sold off and to buy back at a good lower price to have a windfall capital gain and recycle the capital back to tap on the great fundamentals of the good quality REIT again.

So your sharing is based on expected ideal situation, in real life the probability/statistics of that ideal situation happening across all the good quality REITs to capture a higher return from periodic trading of the REIT is low. Maybe lower quality REITs present this ideal trading situation more often at higher probability.

However, one must be good at trading such situation too or else it will all be only a good ideal situation to dream about but in reality, the chances of that happening is low and further more the chances of the investor being unemotional and disciplined to be able to execute it out nicely according to ideal paper plan is also low.

So in conclusion, such ideal situations can happen, but it is a low occurrence event and also the investor may not execute it nicely on such low occurrence events even when they happen.

Thus, just hold good quality REITs. Continue to add to positions when prices are attractive again and during rights issue on price discounts. In doing so, it is a high probability move that gives high probability that the good investment will compound returns for the investor at a decent rate as have been shown for those good quality REITs so far like Ascendas REIT, CapitaMall REIT, MCT, MINT, MLT, Suntec REIT, CCT, Parkway Life REIT and so on etc.

The previous capital injected into the REIT long time ago will continue to keep compounding in terms of both capital and distributions growth. So just keep the capital vested and continue add more capital to a good quality REIT whenever opportunities are presented. That is the sure way to huat big big after a long period of compounding returns at high rate for good REITs.


Reply to @jeremyowtaip : well let's for a person that save 20k a yr. can put in 20k when the price come down low enuff.

how abt another situation where it's limit to a 100k capital. either I slowly buy in or buy and hold. possible reinvest the dividend. this esp truth for retirees.

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I like these type of discussions. Why don't you start a Group (eg. Reits: take profit or hold ?) and ask Admin to move all these comments under the Group. Like this, these comments can continue without getting swept away eventually.


Reply to @Maxwell : yes, if you want to create groups, just let us know here:

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