my investment journey, try stocks,ETF,Forex, crypto, bond, REIT, warrant, gold, P2P....everything I can think off....

and it is super fun.....


Reply to @InvestDog : Every try naked short? It’s super thrilling too :X

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actually I see a few trading stories like urs...made a lot initially and then gave up all gains and lose in just one wrong trading idea...that's y I never dare to try...income investing conservatively is still safer for me...if got capital gain, that's a bonus


Reply to @evelow : Yeah early 20s haha, haven’t mellow out yet in this aspect. Aiming to build up maybe 500 a month ‘passive’ income by the time I graduate. It’s actually just so that I can end up basing my choice of work off passion rather than income :p but ya I like your last point on not touching the portfolio too much

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Whats your unrealised gain/loss?


Reply to @div1g4in : 3-4k, though it usually stays around 1-2

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