I must say, on hindsight, so far your UMS short position could not have been closed at a better timing. you must thank your broker house. HAHA


Reply to @TiKongKia88 : Haha yes indeed on hindsight I saved a lot of money. But things like this are on hindsight la... Most things are easy to see on hindsight if you know what I mean.

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66.5-67 cents is coming soon! Waiting to get when it turns up!


Reply to @terrylim2 : yea i like both. i am adding to both. but personally i think starhill has more catalyst for price reversion than CRCT which is being depressed due to China uncertainty. dyodd

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They should rethink their strategy of investing only in malls in prime locations. By doing so, they restrict the available acquisition targets significantly as these malls are tightly held & sell only at prices that are non-accretive. Suburban malls which cater to necessity shopping can provide stability to income when the malls in prime areas are not doing so well during hard times....


Reply to @minx99 : Suburban malls not in line with their strategy.

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