Let me ask you…

When you think of the word “stop loss”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

For most traders, it’s along the lines of…

“My broker hunts my stop loss.”

“The market is rigged.”

“Stops get hunted.”

And I’m sure you can agree it’s pretty darn negative, right?

But does it have to be?


Because in today’s video, I’ll reveal the truth about stop loss nobody tells you.

You’ll discover:

1. Stop loss strategy secrets: Why most traders set their stop loss WRONGLY and what you should do instead…
2. If you can apply my 2 universal rules, you’ll improve your winning rate and avoid getting “fake out”
3. Why your broker has no incentive to hunt your stop loss (even though they appear to be the “bad” people)
4. Yes, stop hunting exist but it’s not what you think. Here’s why…

Now, I’ve packed a ton into this training and you’ll never look at stop loss the same way again after seeing the truth.

So go watch it right now…

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You have a teaching skills man and soon you are going to shine like a star in the Galaxy of Traders. Impressed with your explanation of why stop losses are often triggered!
Indeed, this is a valuable point to understand before one start trading.


Preserve the bullet to fight another day. Or trailing stop loss to lock in the gains. :)


for stop loss...for lyn lyn using
1. triple support
2. triple resistance
to confirm and activate


when i think of "Stop Loss", the 1st thing that comes into my mind is loss tan pok ("tan pok" is hokkien for "very little"), HUAT ZUI ZUI & DUA DUA ("huat zui zui & dua dua" is hokkien for "plenty & big big"). Lollll


Thanks for sharing ...


Reply to @lynlynnakamori : Happy new year, Lyn!


Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!


Reply to @Spinning_Top : Happy new year, Spinning!

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