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The other chapters in The Intelligent Investor are interesting too. Especially chapter 13 on comparison between 4 companies, chapter 17 on four instructive cases and chapter 18 on comparison between 8 pairs of companies. I like the chapter 18 and uses his method a lot to evaluate businesses. Read somewhere that Buffett, before taking Graham classes, had memorized all the companies and cases so that he can readily discuss with Graham during the lecture. No wonder he was the only guy who scored A in the class.

Security analysis is a must read for serious value investors. I am going through my 3rd round. Was very difficult to read at first, but it gets easier on repeated reading. Basically, I summaried and put my notes all over so that it is easier to recall what his ideas were.

Another book is “Benjamin Graham on Investing” which is a compilation of series of financial papers written by him. Many case studies here too.


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If you haven't, give the 1st ed of the intelligent investor (available from NLB) a read. That's the version Buffett read in his younger days. Not the paperback red version nor the paperback blue/white version that's being sold widely nowadays. With those containing 600+ pages and the original standing at 200-300 pages, I wonder whose writings are the readers reading.


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The Ang moh is quite... frustrating
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