going to make this year very painful =(


Reply to @Master_GongJiaowei : Voluntary pain or others inflict pain on you? Kekek


Yes kyith, gonna inject some pain this year. Always wanted to try this challenge.
No Starbucks cuppucino for a year!
Switch to ToastBox or Ya Kun :)

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well i could say the same as ppl who lose weight and gain back more than they lost as the plan backfire.

similar to lose weight. if 1 go on a diet for 1 meal a day. u tries 6 mnths n lose weight and go back to normal meal. boom!

U push yourself in the gym. got injure boom!

u try to save as much as u can. 70% 80% 90%. after mnths you feel miserable and start to spend $ more than you have saved

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