InvestingNote Platform Updates

Hi everyone,

Here are a few recent updates for our mobile app platforms (both iPhone and android)
1. Hide Post & Follow Post
You can hide someone's posts in the feed screen and follow a post so as to receive notification when there are updates to the post.

2. Bookmark a post and view all bookmarked posts
This is useful if you wish to read the posts later.

3. Improve notification flow for comments
Click on the notification related to comment will bring you the right screen and highlight the comment. Previously user has problem finding the comment from the notification.

4. Sort comments
You can sort the comments on the mobile apps based on time.

5. Display PDF in comments

6. Edit post
You can edit your own post on the mobile app now.

Download our latest iphone app at or android app at

Here are some updates for the website platform:
1. Add Malaysia and US stock market channel
2. Directly download chart on chart page
3. Directly share chart on chart page and create a post


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Just a qn on the desktop web browser version. After I commented on a post, the Action dropdown menu shows "Follow Post". Is the post auto-followed by default after I commented? Then it shld show "Unfollow Post".


Reply to @thosai : Hi after you comment on the post it will by default follow any future comments on the post. And yes you are right the wording is wrong. We need to improve that. Thank you for pointing this out.


Good improvement. Thanks! :)

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