By re-investing those receivable dividends and using the magical rule of 72. (72/6.9 = 10.5 Years). One would have doubled his investment capital in 10 and a half years.

Once again, solid article that would give all reits investors a sense of assurance amid this volatile market.


Reply to @CapitalFarmer : Thanks for reinforcing the magical rule of 72. Although it seems like 10.5 years is a long time to double our capital I think it is short enough for us to enjoy and reap the rewards while at the same time ensures our capital is intact by then.


Your article actually reinforce my faith in long term investment for property and reit counters. Eventually, it is like paying off mortgage and rental become almost 100% profit


Reply to @bart23 : Yes exactly. Eventually, they are still brick and mortar regardless and their value cannot be all down to zilch. The dividends aka rental extracted help to expedite recover our capital back.

For reits it is almost a certainty making profits over time, just need to avoid those self destruct by doing rights unnecessarily.


Reply to @lynlynnakamori : Happy new year :)

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