Good morning! Wild swing in US indices. Market end up green green. $STI(^STI.IN) also green today please.

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Here are some of the Singapore stocks caught in the system's radar for this week. Still a healthy number of them. The bull run is still intact despite the recent $STI(^STI.IN) sell-off.

$Stamford Land(H07.SI)
$Chip Eng Seng(C29.SI)

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Just to share my portfolio performance for the month of February. For SG portfolio not as good as I wanted it to be as compared to $STI(^STI.IN) . Though the system trend analysis managed to catch the reversal upward, the stocks in the portfolio did not managed to catch up and one of my supposedly lucky star pulled down the whole portfolio (if you followed me long enough you'll know which stock I always called my lucky star).

US portfolio fared better but still not able to beat the index this year given that the index started the year right at the bottom. Good thing is that the market trend analysis is right again this time in catching the reversal upward in January.

Overall returns for both portfolios still beating the market. Let's hope for a better March for both portfolios. Have a great read!

For SG portfolio performance:

For US portfolio performance:

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$STI(^STI.IN) continued its march north this week buoyed by the optimism of a trade deal between US and China. STI rose 0.93% for the week. Here is a list of Singapore stocks caught in the system's radar for next week. A good number of them. Mr. bull is still intact. Any of these caught your eyes?

$Golden Agri-Res(E5H.SI)
$CapitaCom Trust(C61U.SI)
$IREIT Global(UD1U.SI)

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Golden Agri-Res (E5H.SI)
Sinwa (5CN.SI)
CapitaCom Trust (C61U.SI)
Ascendas-iTrust (CY6U.SI)
IREIT Global (UD1U.SI)
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$STI(^STI.IN) continues its march north. This week, there is a good healthy number of stocks in the system watchlist. Great sign that the bull is still intact tough lagging the US.

$Accordia Golf Tr(ADQU.SI)
$Hong Leong Asia(H22.SI)

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Monday $STI(^STI.IN) Huat??

Dow jumps nearly 450 points, clinches 8th straight weekly gain

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