Can someone just give me some advice. I have been observing price action for sometime. But i do not understand a few things. Really appreciate some sincere coaching. Thanks

1) why would anyone wants to sell lower than what it is trading now. Eg instead of $1, throw down at $0.80

2) likewise, the buy up.

3) i always hear fake queues. Whats the purpose/ objective of it?

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2018 is the 10-year anniversary of 2008's market melt-down . . .
Kopisoh said market is very volatile as chngkay is busy harvesting the 10-year trees before chopping them down . . .
It is not the right time for newbies to dabble in the market under such condition whether for short-term trading or long-term investment . . .
It is safer to just watch the market and try to learn something and wait for the correction to run its course . . .


I answer all 3 questions.

1) Many scenario. Married deal on agreed price. Like A sell to friend as market no liquidity to absorb his quantity and he dun wanna depress it so do married sell at lower price. If A dump open market the stock will crash.

2) Buy up? Sometime to mark stock prices. Some funds to it to beautify the books on some of the shares they own especially during month end window dressing. Some do to prevent margin call. Some do to make technical chart nice.

3) Fake queue. Trick you lor. Assuming you Big boys, if you really want to sell, you will not want to queue big quantity to scare buyer. Usually they put it there to make people sell and then they collect. Once collect finish they remove fake queue and buy up. And give versa


Reply to @Zeus : Yup. But not deal through banks but FI

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ok guys. just for discussion sake ya. see this idiot. he has whole day to sell but never act. after closing dump at 176. this can't be need money right? more like too much money, so throw?


Reply to @layers : no la... i not bothered at all. i just trying to figure out why such behaviour happens

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The advice i would give is not advice. Because every advice comes with a ddyodd. Do your own due diligence. Whatever we teach may or may not be realistic in real life. What you earn may be what we lose. Buddhist is life hahahahaha ...ok on a serious note, try to differentiate from fact or opinion. :)


Attend his @Li_Guang_Sheng talk when the next one is being held, you will then understand all kinds of pattern BB can come up with


Reply to @Li_Guang_Sheng : thank you. please notify me heehee

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human don't do that, computer vs computer so the speed is beyond human eyes. can only check history and wonder when that price traded.


Reply to @derenceho : wow... how to win computer like that. lol


Fake queue is how syndicates communicate with one another. They send signal to provide a buy or sell for that syndicate.


Reply to @GrowthMaster : wow... so scary. then i saw some other forumers say they remove queue after that.


If the market is buying at $1, it is not possible for the seller to sell at $0.80


Reply to @jianmingben : Force-selling
Contra positions : Normal cash trade where customers not paying for their positions, resulting in the company selling the position for them.
Margin/CFD: Margin and CFD are leverage products. There is a certain margin % that you have to maintain in order not to fall into a margin call. Margin call can fall into 2 categories. i) 2 days to top up ii) same day top up
So if the customer cannot bring in addition collaterals to top-up, company force sell position to regularize the account.

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