US is expecting China be forever poor along with all the Asia countries.
Just look at how many US businesses are operating China Vs China businesses allowed in US will help to gauge who is not a market economy.
State subsidises a business is not practice in US ? US barred all high tech products from shipping to China, if China doesn't build on her effort, she will be living in stone age, even international space station too is not allow China to participate, but China has built it on her own, that also consider China stealing US technology ?
There are many high tech products China built on her own extreme effort and hardworking, including GPS system, has China stolen US Technology in this aspect ?
USA, you were once a great country, but no longer the case, please don't show the world your real ugly.


I like to applaud you for sharing this excellent video. At the same time, i like to point out that for any dispute, one most always hear both side of the story, in order that we can form a fair & balanced opinion...


Reply to @Hayashi8 : I feel that not everything the Americans are demanding of the Chinese is fair & justifiable. Trying to stop a highly intelligent & industrious race from excelling through strong arm tactics is doomed to failure. The Americans instead should reflect on what has gone wrong with their systems, why are they losing out to the Chinese, is it solely due to stealing of technologies or is there a more deep rooted fundamental issue here with their own people & systems. At the end of the day, cooperation & sharing of knowledge & technology will help all nations & races progress & make the world a better & more peaceful place instead of trying to hoard the champion podium when you might not be the most deserving to occupy it...

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