Self-Reflection of my investing journey.

Been a Blur or I can call it passive investor without much knowledge on the different types of stock (Big cap, Blue chips and don’t know what else) so I just KISS vested in STI ETF and REITs (Was lucky back then didn’t lost any money) since first started in 2008.

Throughout the years I thought I was doing well. At Yr. 2017, I decided to explore out of my Circle of competence that was when all things when haywire when I started fiddling and trading for quick returns without a defined goal.

At 2018 Q3, the Portfolio was in a BIG messy, seriously Sucks BIG Time. Because Mr Market has a way to forces one to look at the results of the nonsense one made.

*When thru hell lot of emotions roller coaster - UP Down, Sideways, self-blaming, wanting to stop and just go away. Those feelings are very mixed and crazy at one point. Being very blunt, it’s hard to see friends or Kakis earning so much and so fast, wanting to be part of it and follow them to chase for the hot popular ones. *FOMO

After a while my emotions drained up totally (Those who tried the FOMO chasing, knows what I’m talking about, it’s draining) and when into isolation state: 2 Weeks of Cold turkey on stocks, news and whatever links to it. – Only watch Movies, drama, LOL (When back to a non-investor lifestyle)

Now I understood those experience investors SAID “It takes grit, experience, Self-discipline to walk thru the journey if you really want it so badly. Most of people will give up after 8 to 10yrs prior to the setbacks (Be it a Big, or small minor ones) after all no one says this journey is a smooth sailing one.

Moving forward like a turtle, all I need to do now is to clean my Portfolio slowly with lots of heart-breaking moments and blood shedding tears with a clear define goal in mind and nothing else.

May Grit be with me.
Ps. Thanks reading my nonsense grumble on my first super long post.

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me also scare since early this year so stay sideline till now... but I haven't give up... 我们一起加油↖(^ω^)↗


never give up, restructure and restrategize. who knows your next turtle strategy portfolio will bring you great success like never before!


hope you get back on track soon!


soon will be deep enuff to swim, now still river.


dun try to be an eagle....swim like an octopus, hahahahaha.....


May you stroll like a Turtle and Strike like an Eagle.


Reply to @LadyOctopus : I thought you Octopus? LOL Cheers n Good Luck.

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