Below is $Halcyon Agri(5VJ) chart. Friday is T+5 for this counter. We can clearly see BBs supported it at 71 which is the trend line support. From the previous session this trend line supported very well. I will presumed that this trend line will continue to support well. In a few days time, the trend line support will move higher which means that if Bbs don't want it to close below the trend line support, they will have to move it higher. Now look at the previous candles. About every 5 days from the move up, it will move up again. Now already 5 days from the last move up. My bet is that it can move up from here anytime.

This is not an inducement to buy. Pls note that I'm vested in this counter at 72.
Just my view nia. I may be wrong. Pls dyodd.

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Watch out for $Halcyon Agri(5VJ), $Rex Intl(5WH) and $RH PetroGas(T13) this week. There should be more upside within this week. CHart wise for these 3 counters look very good.$Rex Intl(5WH) on Friday broke 2 DMAs resistance at one go. This show power. $RH PetroGas(T13) Friday gap up and test 965 resistance. Should hit 100 by this week.$Halcyon Agri(5VJ) finally broke out after deceiving retailers so many times. This time the upmove should be powerful. I see it going to 100 very soon. Let's see. Huat ah!

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