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HDB is going to launch the November batch of BTOs in Sengkang, Sembawang, Tampines, Tengah & Yishun. A newbie at BTO.

A summary of my situation.
- Getting married next year
- Budget: $200k (4-room *take loan)
- Both of us working (I started work last year)
- Willing to wait up to 3 years to get keys
- Owns a car, so access to public transport is not an issue
- Both my gf and my parents live nowhere close to those 5 estates

My slight preference is the Tampines one, but my gut feel tells me it is going to be more difficult than tio Toto since more people will be gunning for that. Really dun feel like going for Tengah. My friends told me it's like Punggol 10-15 years ago.

Need some advice. Thanks.

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HDB has blessed me with a queue no. for Tengah BTO
First-timer luck! Thanks for all the advice, guys.


Reply to @Hanzo : All my friends that apply there in the last last exercise all tio

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Reply to @propnex : Like turtle, I dont consider my hdb flat as an investment tool as my family utilmately need a roof above their head.

I also would like to see the benefits from your post.

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Read this before buying HDB.


tampines. right side got bedok reservoir. behind got temasek poly, in front got mrt,safra and round market.further left got the st hildas sec, tampines hub and interchange

wanted to get 2rm as a single then realize mature estate cannot buy. gg lor


Yishun is the last choice. Found something funny to share.


Sengkang is better. Average how much you need to fork out every month for the unit?


This coming from a guy with BTO experience.... 10 years ago.
Strictly from an investment point of view, if you want the greatest capital appreciation, I'd say go for the largest unit there is (5 room and not 4 room).
The quantum difference when you buy BTO is not very large, and when you've capital appreciation, the increase would be relatively larger quantum wise.
So it's worth it.
As for locality, of course ultimately it depends on your personal requirements, like proximity to schools etc, but again, strictly from an investment point of view, I'd actually think your least preferred choice, Tengah, is probably going to show the greatest capital appreciation over a say, 10 year period.
It's all relative.
It's ulu now, but when gov builds hdb in an area, they don't just build the hdb. You can be sure over time, the transportation infrastructure builds up, there'd be some new malls in that area, and they'd allocate parks and recreational stuff along the way.
In other words, if you go in early, each time the gov improves on the area, they're indirectly improving on the value of your unit.
Whereas if you choose a mature area, you're indirectly already paying for the use/benefits of having the said facility nearby.
(Of course, this is just strictly from an investing point of view)


@Daredevil, depends on luck on balloting.. the more tries in same area the higher ur chances so choose an area u like n keep gng for the same area.. every year the BTO prices will go up between $15k-$25k so have to keep in mind not to wait too long n try to lock dwn the price.. 3 yrs frm now ur new BTO will alrdy be worth at least $20k more


If buy for investment condo better than hdb i feel
Hdb resale market has been weak, prices no longer rising like before
Instead hdb resale pricing lower or flattish as singaporeans now know they just renting for 99 years
But still i would avocate getting hdb, just for staying... no better way of using your cpf already
Just use cpf hoot hdb, extra cash hoot stocks
Best of both worlds
Cheers ^_^


Reply to @dracumie : if u buy the HDB and hold it forever(99 years), no need to worry about accrued interest

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u sound pretty high SES. if buying HDB is purely for investment and u are selling or renting out after five years, u have to see which one will fetch a better selling price or easier to get tenants for subletting. take note of future train lines too


Reply to @DareDevil : then schools and environment should be priority. adults need work-life balance, kids need school-life balance too

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