"I think that people make the error of considering anything with a bid to have value.
Well frankly, many of the things that have a bid on, they may have financial value but have no economic value.

So distinguishing that which has economic value from that which is just a claim or a loan or promise, is just merely a beginning. Because even that which has real economic value, oftentimes, its value is fleeting or is temporal. "

You guys might be interested in this.

@theintelligentinvestor @marginofsafety

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A high level look at Edelweiss holdings portfolio of 16 businesses in terms of financials.

Some observations:

- He likes low debt businesses, most of them are below 30% debt/equity
- Strong balance sheet
- I think except for 1 company, the others are profitable over the past 5 years.
- Not the cigar-butts type of business as the average PE is 28, PB 2.6
- Most are mid to large cap companies, >500M
- No tech stocks. He seems to like stock related to food, gold, maritime etc.

I like to study good companies and try to understand what other good investors see in them, also why they selected these businesses.


Reply to @theintelligentinvestor : you consider these good biz? at first glance seem like turnarounds or cyclicals and overvalued

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Liked the interview a lot and thanks for sharing @Simpleinvestorsg.

Did some digging around and found this: https://edelweissholdings.com/documents/EH...

Might be interesting to have a look at the companies he owns. Returns over the past 17 years have been pretty close to the index most probably due to the high amounts of cash/gold he holds over the period.

Sidenote: Found one thing that he and I do the same. We both use the same index as our benchmark LOL.


Finished viewing the video....twice. :) Have even downloaded the transcripts for slow reading and reflection.

Must say I am impressed by Tony Deden on his investing philosophy and the 3 important principles that he would consider in business participation he would called it, ie Scarcity, Permanence and Independence.

On some of his ideas on capital preservation, risk, price & value, I also have been thinking along the same line. Rare and also refreshing to hear these ideas expressed in so simple terms by, I think, a very wise investor.

Great recommendation, thanks!


Bookmarked for future viewing! Thanks! Been busy reading lately. Just finished Mastering the Market Cycle and am onto A Random Walk Down Wall Street now. Both timely reads in the current environment. Wouldn't recommend Howard Marks' book though :/


Reply to @Simpleinvestorsg : I didn't finished reading The Most Important Thing. Idk, maybe it didn't hooked me and keep it interesting. The higher level of thinking is ok.

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Wow! Long video, will view it tonight. Thanks in advance!

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