3 things killing the market & is it possible to time your entry?

Currently, 3 main issues are killing the market:

1) US-China trade war
2) Fed rate hike
3) US mid term election

Is it possible to strategize your market entry? To put things into perspective, pt 3 will be eliminated after 6 Nov. So the days following the election could be a relief rally.

Next, we expect Trump and Xi to meet on 30 Nov in Argentina for G20 meeting. Although there is little hope that the trade war will be resolved then, any positive signal from the meeting could give the markets a lift.

Lastly, the Fed is expected to hike rates in Dec. Although there is little hope they will change their course, any change in their statements to delay future rate hikes could also lift the markets.

There you have it, the secret playbook for the rest of the year in the most concise way .... lol.

Good luck! :-)

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Pt 3 is over and US market rally ahead! Its now back above 200ma in the S&P, the day after the election :-)


Market rallying on news that trump and xi will come to a deal
STI up 2%
Looks like bottom is over for 2018


STI on viagra sia


Reply to @bennysam : Whatever you buy last thursday sure huat. Although there are still some stragglers like S.Marine lol

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I think Trump fake one la.. becos election coming next week, he likes to tell lies one.. if he has good discussion with China Xi , how come we dun hear anything from China side???

Hahaha.. next Tuesday is election, this trump capable of telling lies one.. so this is a trap sia.. good luck


Reply to @davidtan1201 : https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/02/stock-mark...

Dow pares gains after White House official throws cold water on Trump-China trade deal progress

Looks like trump lied or boosted becos election coming

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Looks like pt 1 is brought forward by a month :-)


Singapore stock exchange is beyond dead.


Mid elections should be playing a lesser part.

1) China housing debts
2) Italy budget, will this cause EU fallout?
3) Oil prices - will this add additional strain to existing O&G sectors?
4) Brexit deals (need to settle before mar 2019)
5) How expose are the banks to China and O&G debts? Will EU fallout cause dip in bank revenues?


Reply to @luxcan : China Housing debts = 2008 USA housing subprime.. waiting to explode


China's securities regulators to encourage share buybacks, enhance liquidity - Reuters News


In an interview with Fox News, Trump said that he predicts a "great deal" with China on trade :-)


Reply to @bennysam : and he also say he will slap remaining tariffs if the talk is not successful haha. he need to give China to back down gracefully.

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7. Potential no-deal Brexit


Reply to @DareDevil : Politicians promising the high heavens and not being able to fulfil them... nothing new. The smarter ones promise, hand over to over eager ones, leave and then return to “clean up the mess”. (Return to hammer out a compromise and retain power more likely)

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