*Public Announcement: Help Us Weed Out The Bad Clones As One Community*

Hi everyone, there have been quite a few cases of newly created clone accounts that were created to make nuisance and disturb the peace of our community.

So we'd like to rally everyone's help in a joint effort to help us speed up the identification of these accounts so that we can take action.

3 ways you can quickly and effectively help:

1) If someone attacks you out of nowhere, saying that you have no integrity or simply bashing the platform, please notify us by tagging @investingnote immediately. We will take necessary action against them.

2) If you see someone attack someone else, don't just be a passer-by. Help by notifying us.

3) If you see suspicious activity, you can click on the user's profile to see his/her joined dates (only for website). Usually, those clone accounts would be created recently (as the old clones have been banned) and they will go straight to attacking. Notify us!

We need everyone's help to come together to weed out the bad eggs as fast as possible, as this is a community is home for many investors and traders. We have seen with our own eyes through many of our workshops and fairs that our community members really have been supporting us since Day One.

From the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely appreciate and thank all of you. We will continue to work hard to make InvestingNote better as a platform, and stronger as One Community.

Investors Unite!
-Your Family At InvestingNote

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Wah..... fully support this campaign.


if u read the reverse of the word "BAN", it is "NAB". Thus. i prefer & would rather NAB those unethical voices in forum chat over not been BANned.


i no clones in the past nor now nor will there be in the future. However, i do not hesitate to voice against unethical postings/claims/comments that will strike negativity/fear in specific group of more-vulnerable forum users (be it in InvestingNote or any other forum chat groups). Btw, staying & leaving any forum chat group is totally my choice & will never need to be @ even the slightest mercy of anyone/others.


attacking myself nao!!!

ownself attack ownself!


Reply to @Spinning_Top : sharing is caring! life screws us all!

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I think to tag the account with the phone number is a better way as IN can call to verify the genuineness.


Reply to @angml : haha....you try and see...
please don't forget to inform us....
thank you

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The online world affords toxic and disinhibitive behaviour, primarily because of the ability to stay anonymous.

I suggest hor...

Don't spend so much time setting up clone account lah. I'm sure most of us have a life to live outside virtual world hor. Suggest you spend more time with your family, go socialize, take up a hobby, learn new things to name a few, which I'm sure will be 100 million times more fulfilling then setting up new accounts for whatever motive you may have.

For @investingnote I'm sure there's something we can learn from SI. Each account is tagged to a mobile number. This will create a little barrier to setting up new account. Unless the perpetrator don't mind using his parents/family/sibling numbers or even spending a little money on a new prepaid number, which afterall shows their effort is premeditated and needs to be banned entirely from the community.



Reply to @learningboy1988 : Thanks for your suggestion! We are looking into different aspects of integrating various verification.

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use SingPass 2FA loh wahahaah...


Is it possible to prevent a message from being sent if it contain negative keywords?


Reply to @learningboy1988 : ya. from using space between each letter so that their email don't come up on Google search; to using asterisks I'm sure human are capable to find work around given time.

Just like how people tried to outplay SEO optimization at its early stage. But of course this has been circumvented/reduced over time and became 'SEO best practices'

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just a suggestion
can use Identity Card number to register?
as ...one person only have one Identity Card
make sense as, one person should register one time
to get one account to post & sign in as member....right?


Reply to @Spinning_Top : and InvestingNote has too many member
they also difficult to identify who is who...

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