In the latest presentation slides, the company has highlighted 5 companies (including stimatix gi). I think the next company to be acquired could be Apifix or Leviticus Cardio, which they have been holding for more than 7 years, anything more than 10 years is too long for an investor to see fruits, at least for me, should be ripe for harvest soon, especially Apifix with the appointment of the new chairman Ed Roschak, the former CEO of Ellipse Technologies, since the beginning of the year. Leviticus needs to wait for it's FIH test which will take months again. I was also wondering why they keep saying the launch of the stoma bag is on schedule ( suppose to be mid 2018), but still there isn't any words from B Braun. That doesn't bode well with investors.


Reply to @ozxinvest : No words from B Braun yet. But the word is it's on schedule. Good to wait till I think Oct.


thanks for sharing.
Went for their agm, many shareholders asked abt the royalities .....their lips r very tight on the figure. I am wondering, how will they classify the figure in the annual/quarter report, so that we get a clearer picture of what kinda of dividend we are expecting.

We are on the same page that trendlines is for long term.
Waiting for exits n capital distributions...


Reply to @Liang_Soon_Fong : I seriously think we should look at 2019.

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