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It depends on what stock you hold & trade
STI hit low at around 1500 during 2008 Financial Crisis
The index then consolidation UP...
this year - STI crossed 3600 before the correction
If you study the rally before 2008 crash
What happened to our index STI is mirror image
to what happened between 2006 - 2007
But the behaviour of the stocks HAS CHANGED
Some stocks recovered fully from 2008 low
- example the Banks & Transport, Telco & Tech stocks
Some stocks beaten down and consolidate
examples are :-
- Property like CapitaLand,
- Commodity like Wilmar
- O&G like KepCorp, SMM & Semcorp
- SGX consolidate below 10.00
has a lots to tell us....
you need to change your strategy accordingly...
think out of the box...

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